Learn About How Buy America Can Help You

Our Process is Simple

We buy low and force appreciation

Our investors get direct access to a world-class (and painless) process. We take care of everything for you:

1) Our relationships with foreclosure dealers give you access to rare deals.

2) Our buying system brings deals to your door.

3) Our proven renovation system takes the risk out of rehabbing.

4) Our world class property management team takes care of you for the long haul.

We built the system. You benefit.

5 Steps to Profit

Once you decide to invest we’re only a few steps away from profit:

1) Purchase – We bring a great deal to you.You purchase the property from us and deposit a predetermined amount of renovation funds in escrow.

2) First Draw – To kick off the renovations we will request ⅓ of the escrow funds. You release the funds from escrow and our team starts renovating.

3) Second Draw – 4 to 5 weeks into the renovation we provide you with an update on progress (with photos). We will then request the 2nd draw of funds, another ⅓ of the total.

4) Renovation Completion – Our team will complete the renovation 10-12 weeks after the property is purchased. At this point, we inspect the renovations. When we deem renovations complete we will request the final ⅓ of renovation funds from escrow.

5) Holding – Our experienced 3rd party property management team moves into place and finds excellent tenants for the property using their industry-standard vetting process. Properties are typically occupied within 4 weeks of the renovation. This means you will begin receiving cash-flow within 120 days of the initial purchase.

We execute. You profit.

Steps to Security

One question is (rightfully) in the back of every investor’s mind:

What if something goes wrong?

There are a lot of investment companies that will make you money as long as the market climbs and everything goes according to plan, but there are very few that make sure you succeed even if things go wrong. The best real estate investments are built-to-last, regardless of what happens in market.

We believe you deserve a fair risk/reward proposition, so we mitigate risk for you – without sacrificing ROI.

Let’s take a look at our industry leading Steps to Security:

1) Insurance – Inexperienced investors often make the mistake of choosing non-investment specific real estate insurance. This is a problem because standard insurance policies don’t protect investors against common investor problems like loss of rental income in case of fire, floor, or natural disaster. Most insurance agents don’t know the difference, either.

We’ve developed longstanding relationships with industry leaders in investment real estate insurance. We connect you with an insurer that knows and has done it hundreds of times.

2) Warranties – We’ve secured industry-leading warranties with our contractors and suppliers. These warranties protect our investors against additional expense during the rehab phase. The most important warranty we provide is our:

Cost Overrun Warrantee – Our investors never pay more than the original quote.
Once we give you a quote, your renovation cost never changes. If there is a change order in the work we eat the additional cost. This is a rare warranty. Investors across the country routinely get stuck with additional expenses – something that never happens to our investors.

Our other warranties protect you even after the renovations are complete. We provide a:

• 90 day warranty from date of final inspection on entire scope of work
• 2 year certificate for labor on roof with 25 year manufacturer warranty on shingles
• 1 year certificate on plumbing labor
• Manufacturer warranty on hot water heater
• 1 year certificate on air conditioning system including handler/condenser for labor and manufacturer warranty on material
• Manufacturer warranty on new appliances

3) Property Management – Every property is professionally managed by our property management firm – as soon as the renovations are complete.  They manage our personal portfolio and our investors’ portfolios. In total, they manage over 500 properties sourced through us. We are their largest single source of business, and as such we have an excellent relationship with them.

Excellent property management protects our investors against tenant and maintenance troubles over the long term.

4) Proven Contractors – We’ve built the finest turnkey specific contracting team in all of Atlanta. This gives our investors confidence that their investment will be renovated to the highest standard and producing income within 120 days.

Add the fact that we guarantee against cost overruns and it equals an unheard of low risk environment for the renovation process.

5) Value Buying – Single family wholesale homes in Atlanta are currently selling for approximately ⅔ replacement cost (this doesn’t even include land prices).

The greatest security you can ever have in real estate is to buy low.

6) Strong Economy – The only thing better than buying value is buying value in a strong economy. Atlanta has one of the most diverse economies with the one of the strongest futures of anywhere in America.

7) Expertise – As with any business, real estate is full of land-mines for the inexperienced. Consider us your land-mine detection unit.

8) Skin in the Game – We own hundreds of properties in the same neighborhoods (often on the same streets) as our investors.

We mitigate risk. You rest easy.