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Let Our Real Estate Experts Fix Your Credit

There are over 800 million credit cards worldwide, let us help you access the best ones.

Buying A House

Purchasing your first home is stressful but applying for credit shouldn’t be! Our team can fix a poor rating and help secure your first mortgage.

Buying A New Car

Picking out a new car is an exciting experience, don’t let it be ruined by a bad credit score. Secure the loan, score, and car of your dreams.

Financial Security

Don’t get overwhelmed and find yourself in persistent debt that will affect future credit applications. Let us offer expert advice and a path to managing credit.

Keep Interest Rates Low

Your credit score is how lenders will determine your risk as a candidate. Better the score, better the rate. Let us repair your score to get the best options.

Secure Future Credit

A bad score will leave you in a difficult financial position and prevent you from getting more credit to rectify it. Our credit repair service will help you improve your score and get approved for credit cards.

Qualify for a Better Job

Without great credit scores, your chances of locating a great work just merely aren’t as great, it’s unfair, however it’s exactly how it is.

How Can We Help You?

There’s no magic behind it, we simply improve your score, by making it accurate. More than half of credit reports accessed by lenders have mistakes or errors that could prevent you from getting the credit you deserve.

We will search your records for any bankruptcies, late payments or other black marks and confirm whether they are true. Then we will check all details such as addresses, and other personal details are correct.

You don’t always have access to the report a lender will see, so it is essential you know it is correct. If you see a mistake, you want it removed quickly and efficiently, so allow us to do the hard work.


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We Remove Inaccuracies to Increase Your Score

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Elite Credit Repairs Will Fix Your Report

Once you have seen an error or several, get in contact and we will handle the dispute. There are so many inaccurate credit reports, you are likely to find something.

By law, these black marks must be proven and if it’s not possible, they are removed. It’s as easy as that.

Get In Contact

You must speak to our team of credit experts before we can begin disputing errors. Every situation is different, and it is best we have a clear idea of what needs to be done.

Start The Dispute

We will need some information to begin the process to save us holding to process to gather it afterward. Then we will examine your credit reports and start the process.

Get Results

Once we have everything, our team springs into action and contacts creditors and bureaus. We will complete all necessary paperwork and process applications.

If for some reason we aren’t successful in the first round, we will change tactics until it is. In our opinion, a case cannot be closed until you have taken every possible avenue to rectify it.

How To Get The Rating You Deserve

Once you have seen an error or several, get in contact and we will handle the dispute. There are so many inaccurate credit reports, you are likely to find something.

Your total credit limit is calculated by combining the limits from all credit accounts in your name. A high credit limit can help prove you are a low-risk borrower and shows you can manage any unexpected payments you might have to make.

Apply for a higher credit limit on your existing accounts where possible to easily improve your score. However, if that isn’t an option, you should look to take out another credit card if you are able to manage the balance.

Having missed payments on your credit score have a massive impact and is difficult to get rid of. All it takes is a few missed bills or forgotten payments and that mark will be on your score for 16 months.

If there is a problem that means you miss a payment, then try and contact the company to work out your options. Be sure to keep on top of any incidents as it will take a long time before the black mark goes away.

You want to keep the utilization low and aim to stay within the 25% bracket where possible. If you are at 75% utilization or above, you should take some steps to fix that.

Your lender will want to see that you are using your credit as a supplement and not relying on it to live. It’s also good to have a buffer for any difficulties you may get into.

Some factors you may not have considered, but affect your score are the time spent on the electoral roll, the number of new accounts opened and the age of your credit. Every little helps when trying to build the perfect score so be sure to keep an eye on all factors.

100% money back guarantee

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The Best Warranty In Credit Scores Repair Work

Elite Credit Repairs offers among the best warranties in any sector (not just credit scores repair service)! Dissatisfied with our solution in the first 90 days? Give us a call. We’ll reimburse you; no questions asked.

We’re not here to make a quick dollar; we’re right here to make lifelong close friends. We’re certain we can pursue enhancing your credit score to assist you attain your financial dreams, starting today!

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